“My first encounter with the police occurred when I was much younger. Aged seven to be exact.”

5 thoughts on ““My first encounter with the police occurred when I was much younger. Aged seven to be exact.””

  1. This happens too often. Police use their powers at their discretion without any correct evidence to support their decision. When called out on this, they hide behind poor wishy-washy excuses, and then say they did nothing wrong. Effectively ignoring the trauma of the incident on the person, and refusing to take responsibility to not let actions like this happen again. I understand the Police worry about their image, but actions like this aren’t doing it any favours.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. It almost feels as though we have vigilantes instead of police. If you want a job that gives you carte blanche to racially abuse members of the public, then look no further than the Metropolitan police. Cressida Dick really needs to take a long hard look at this failed institution she’s running because it simply isn’t working and Black people are paying the price.


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope that new policies can be enforced in order to reduce and better monitor the stop and searches in this country (and all countries). There is a petition on this site that you can sign to help make a change.

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    1. Even today Dawn Butler who is an MP was stopped by the police. She has made a complaint which is step in the right direction however, this happens to average people everyday and they shouldn’t be ignored because they’re not famous. Racial profiling needs to end. It is not normal that a 7 year old boy as mentioned in this blog, should have his home raided without any just cause. Sign the petition if you would like to see that change – https://www.change.org/EndracialprofilingintheMet Thanks again for joining in the conversation


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