Dealing With the Emotions of Fighting Racism

4 thoughts on “Dealing With the Emotions of Fighting Racism”

  1. Thanks for the new post.
    I hope that during the pandemic were people might feel alone, people can relate to your feelings through this article and hopefully feel less lonely. I hope that your courage to express your feelings in a public place will help others and encourage them to keep fighting for their rights, for what’s right.

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  2. Continue shining your light into the world queen. You are out making change which is long and arduous work but you writing about your experiences empowers us all.

    Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

    Sharing these thoughts can be exhausting and traumatic but thank you for still doing it anyway.

    You are loved!

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  3. We need to keep going.

    Today, anything worth fighting for, takes continuous effort and support. Keep going! This is great and great things will come from it.

    I admit I rallied myself to do better and reevaluate my efforts. It was a shame it took a tragic event. Let’s keep it topical and keep it on the agenda until it’s done!

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    1. Thanks Matt from making that happen and for engaging in the conversation, you’ve kept the conversation going!


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